Tom E Roche

Tom E RocheTom E Roche; Born and raised in AZ, started playing the cornet in the second grade school band. His dads work caused them to move about in AZ and Toms horn went with him everywhere. He watched with His mother who was appalled when "The Doors" debuted on the Ed Sullivan show in 67. Tom was 14 and rock n roll didn't go unnoticed by this musical kid. In Tucson, while playing in the high school marching band, Tom got into the British Invasion discovering his love for rock n roll, girls and the bass. - His buddies were into anything and everything Rolling Stones. So while they were jamming Tom showed up with his Framus just like Bill Wyman. They would play all night in his buddy’s home studio to all the popular music. - Little feat, Jerry Riopelle, Jackson Brown to name a few. Sometimes they played at the local VFW to some great crowds. After going to the U of A job promotion moved him up to Phoenix where his music took a more professional turn by playing with some great local talent. He joined Night Rhythm with powerhouse vocalist Connie Savage. Later, for a few years, Tom played with The Alley Katz featuring Freddie Robinson on his smoking guitar and Nick Flame rocking the drums. He then moved on to play with The Visitors, New York’s finest kick ass musicians, John Lombardo and Rich Keigley. All in all, creating a lot of memories and good times with passionate musicians making great music. Tom gets lost listening to the amazing artists who arrived on this planet with such "out of this world!" talent and natural ability such as James Jamerson, John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Bootsie Collins, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke. O yeah! When he doesn't have his fender jazz attached to his side he likes to go check out what's happening and support local musicians at favorite watering holes. He also likes tinkering around in his garage and hiking with Kimberly and his two dogs, his biggest fans and partners in crime.